Dramatic corona situation in the Czech Republic: government plans tougher lockdown

Feb 25, 21
<transcy>Dramatic corona situation in the Czech Republic: government plans tougher lockdown</transcy>

PRAGUE. The Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis has announced a significant tightening of the corona measures. You have to avert a "total catastrophe in the hospitals," he said on Wednesday.

The details should be discussed with the opposition and employer and employee representatives during the day. Babis did not become specific, but said: "If there is no contact, there can be no transmission." In addition to the British Corona variant, the South African mutant has now been detected for the first time in the Czech Republic, albeit only in a single case. There are three people returning from Africa, said Babis.

Head of government rules out easing

The head of government spoke out in favor of an extension of the emergency, which expires on Monday. It is unclear whether the minority government can find a majority for it. Babis ruled out an early opening of the schools. There are regular tests in the company. Meanwhile, it became known that Israel is providing 5,000 doses of vaccine to the badly affected partner country.

The Ministry of Health in Prague reported 15,672 new infections within 24 hours on Wednesday. More than 6,800 patients were being treated in hospitals, including more than 1,300 in intensive care units. There have been more than 1.1 million detected infections and 19,682 deaths since the pandemic began. Czech Republic has around 10.7 million inhabitants.