Corona cases at 13 schools in Wr. Neustadt

Feb 25, 21
<transcy>Corona cases at 13 schools in Wr. Neustadt</transcy>

The corona tests in schools - they have been running since February 8 - were not without consequences: 13 schools were affected by the virus at the beginning of the week: six elementary schools, two middle schools and five high schools. The Josefstadt elementary school got the worst with a total of eleven cases (ten students, one teacher). Three classes were quarantined there, and there was a case in a fourth class. The result: On the recommendation of the city, the school building has been closed for classes for at least a week since Monday, after which the situation will be re-analyzed - until then, homeschooling is the order of the day.

The kindergartens are less affected, there are only two facilities here - although the one in the pedestrian zone Wiener Straße had to be temporarily closed. All pupils are tested once a week with “nose drilling tests”, according to the city council there are currently around 100 “test refusers” (out of around 11,000 pupils).

These children are not allowed to go to school and have to work on the material at home online or with work packages. “Our concept is that no untested child enters the school building. The case in VS Josefstadt has shown how important this is, ”emphasizes Sabine Karl-Moldan from the Education Directorate. On the whole, the school is functioning well, says Karl-Moldan, "in view of the difficult situation, the school principals and teachers are doing an excellent job." There are currently no temporary school closings in the district. There are currently two classes in quarantine at the Theresienfeld elementary school.

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